RuneScape Mobile has received a sizeable chunk of content called Ranch out of Time. This exciting new update will allow players to have their own dinosaur farm, I can't imagine there are many people who don't like the sound of that. It also brings other new changes including skills and guilds.

You'll be able to cultivate your dinos at Anachronia Dinosaur Farm, which can be teleported to using the Mystical Tree. Once you've arrived you'll be able to raise 14 different species of reptilian beasties that you can raise and breed. This new update raises the Farming skill cap from 99 to 120.

Additionally, Manor Farm has received a new Farming Guild where you'll be able to help beginner farms looking to make their way in the world of agriculture. This will improve your reputation in the community and you'll also be able to get some upgrades for your farm. For a more detailed look at these new additions, head over to RuneScape's in-depth post.

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Farming isn't the only skill to have the cap raised, Herblore will also be increasing from 99 to 120. This will also see the introduction of 10 new potions including Weapon Poison+++ and Elder Overloads. You'll also be able to create bombs and have access to the Blessed Flask that restores 500 prayer points per sip.

For all the details on this increase, once again there's a much more in-depth post over on RuneScape's website. Or if you've done enough reading, you can watch the frankly excellent video above that Jagex created talking through all the new additions. You can also check out our interview with David Osborne and Jason Milena where Cameron discussed all things RuneScape Mobile with them. 

Runescape Mobile is available now in Early Access via Google Play. You will need to have a membership in order to play it. If you're an iOS user, sadly you'll have to wait a little longer to have your own dinosaur farm.

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