When you start playing Last Pirate: Survival Island, you'll start where everyone does, with nothing special, and an uphill battle in front of you. But like any good survival crafting hybrid, you can soon overcome all of the challenges the island gives you if you just keep crafting, and that's what this guide is all about.

You will have plenty of things to craft when you begin the game, and with practice you can craft everything. Not that the act of crafting is difficult of course, but you will need to know what you're doing to navigate the crafting menu and create the most important and valuable tools.

Not everything is equally useful, and not everything is what you need immediately, so that's why this guide is here, to walk you through what you need to craft first, and how everything is used. Read on for this essential info before you continue to play Last Pirate: Survival Island.

The basics of crafting

This is obvious, but you'll need materials to craft anything. The very basic materials you want will be wood and stone, closely followed by sugar cane.

Wood and stone is essential to making your first tools, the hatchet and the pickaxe, and then beyond that the tools are still essential to making bigger items such as a furnace, weave, and many other weapons.

If you can't figure out where to find a material you need, it might be that you need another tool to craft it. For example, the weave is essential to create both rope and cloth from sugar cane. Though you should also watch automated tools such as this, as the sugar cane becomes cloth quickly, and if you leave that it'll become rope, which you may not want.

The most essential items to craft are your basic tools and the tools required to create further materials or make survival easier.