Last Pirate: Survival Island is a brand new survival crafting game available on Android and iOS in Early Acces right now, and it offers so much gameplay for crafting fans on the go.

It starts out as crafting games have since the days of Lost in Blue and Minecraft. You'll spawn in the world with nothing but will quickly break apart trees, rocks, chests, and more in order to find tools and materials to survive in the new wilderness. And Last Pirate: Survival Island does all of that and more.

You can get ahead of the curve now by jumping in and leveling up while you can, and this guide will carry you through getting the materials you need.

This is a crafting game after all, and as a result, you'll need plenty of materials to craft everything, and this guide will walk you through the fastest way to do so, so you can go through the game entirely prepared for everything that's to come. Just read on for more.

The essentials to survival

There are loads of different materials available in the game, but there are two which will be necessary throughout the whole game. Wood and stone.

If you've played any survival game you'll already know the deal. You can go up to trees and rocks and just hammer away with your hook in order to do damage to it and collect wood and stone. Interactable objects will highlight in blue when you are within range to use them.

You should use ideal tools, too. These tools will make gathering much, much faster. The hatchet should be used for trees to get wood, and a pickaxe should be used on rocks for stone. The rate at which you collect materials will be drastically heightened.

But be aware, tools have durability, and you will need to use your gathered materials to repair them, and eventually, you'll need to craft entirely new tools. Good thing you're already gathering…