Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent has been delayed until 2020. Only a Japanese version of the game had been announced previously and it was originally slated to launch sometime this year.

According to Gematsu a letter from producer Yuuki Yokoyama stated the release version is almost complete. However, they're revising the production schedule so they'll be able to provide the main story post-launch.

The game was announced in March this year where it was revealed that Champions of the Continent would act as a prequel to the critically acclaimed Octopath Traveler. Which you should consider checking out if you've not played it before and have a penchant for turn-based RPGs.

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Champions of the Continent looks set to keep the HD-2D look that made the original game look like some beautiful pop-up book. It will differ in a few other ways, however. For instance, you'll be able to assemble a party of eight instead of four.

They'll also be controlled with swipe inputs rather than just clicking through menus, which makes sense given the platform. It also appears to have a sole protagonist this time who is the usual 'Chosen One' archetype we've seen in games many times and they will, of course, do battle against some great evil. The multiple story aspect will remain though, with a choice of narrative between three reigning champions.

There has been no update with regards to a potential Western release for Champions of the Continent, though with the delay that may have also been pushed back. I'm always happy to wait for a game to be properly finished before release but I do sincerely hope it will see a Western release in future as I'd love to spend more time in the world of Orsterrra.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent will be coming to mobile devices in Japan at some point in 2020. If you do live in Japan you can still pre-register for the game over on the official website.

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