Lootbox RPG, developer Mario Gaida's latest game, is an old-school dungeon crawler which sees you, the son of the devil, return home to hell in order to protect your dad's realm from invading forces.

It mixes retro visuals with some smart, player-friendly design to great effect while being built from the ground up for mobile. The news today is that the game's long-awaited major update has finally arrived for iOS and Android.

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On top of the usual assortment of bug fixes and small quality-of-life improvements, there are also some sizeable new additions, including fresh systems to experiment with and story missions to undertake.

A trade-skilling system has been implemented which allows you to craft useful gear using various items found throughout the dungeons. Additional equipment recipes and spells are now available, and a new mining skill can be upgraded, enabling you to harvest precious resources from the environment.

On top of all that, idle game fans might get a kick out of the Zombie Mode. This allows you to automatically grind in dungeons for resources and other important items. Sure, it's not going to be for everyone, but adding different ways to progress will hopefully draw more players into what is admittedly a fairly niche title.

It's also worth noting that loading your old saves won't be possible after this update. While that may be a slight pain, the developer says that it was necessary due to the sheer number of changes made to the game. It is strongly recommended that you start a new game with a fresh character.

If you'd like to find out more about this one, we partnered with its creator for an interview earlier this year. And you can check out the full patch notes over on the game's official site. Lootbox RPG can be downloaded for free from both the App Store and Google Play.

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