Mario Kart Tour's Winter tour has finally arrived, kicking the game into the festive season in a big way. With the Paris tour now behind us, it's time to start working toward unlocking a host of festive goodies, including some fresh karts and characters.

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The Winter tour's featured gift is Baby Mario, and Gold Pass subscribers will have the chance to earn the Radish Rider kart. Dry Bowser, a racer who's already been used as a Gold Pass reward, isn't exactly a great offering for those who've stuck with the $5-a-month subscription.

As usual, you'll need to collect a bunch of Grand Stars to earn these racers and karts, but to be honest, I imagine most folks have a number of the latest rewards already.

The new update also adds an extra button which gives you much more control over your racer, allowing you to drift or steer with ease.

Our coverage of Mario Kart Tour has been fairly mixed since it launched back in September. While the core game can be good fun, a number of issues – including the Gold Pass and gacha mechanics – have really held it back.

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With the game's long-awaited multiplayer mode set to enter beta in December, there'll still be a lot to talk about with this one going forward. The beta itself is exclusive to Gold Pass members, so the rest of us will have to wait until next year to play with friends.

If you're yet to give it a go, you'll find Mario Kart Tour available for download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

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