I've always been easily drawn into any game that has a pretty art style, even if it's not a genre that I'd normally play myself. This is the case when I saw Sparse's upcoming relaxing puzzler, Spring Falls. It will be available for iOS on 17th November.

The whole concept the game is based around is water erosion and watching plants grow, which almost sounds like a science lesson. But instead, Sparse want it to be an almost meditative experience and will combine soothing audio with its easy on the eyes visual style to achieve this.

The gameplay itself will see you manipulating the landscape so that you can divert the flow of water to make the flowers grow. The mountains that you'll be shifting the lands on are all hex-based as you can see in the trailer below and the puzzles themselves are a case of removing the correct ones to let the water flow to the hexagons that have seeds.

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The trailer is also a great way to get a sense of this game's aesthetic. It's not that it looks particularly distinctive, it's very minimal in fact. But it does look incredibly peaceful and ambient style soundtrack they've gone with really helps cement this.

Of course, this is only 35-second trailer, so I'm intrigued to see if that ambience turns to frustration if the puzzles are too difficult. There are 60 puzzles in total for you to make your through. The developer says that even though they want this to be a Zen experience for players the puzzles will still provide a good enough challenge.

Spring Falls will be released on the App Store on 17th November and can pre-order it now if you'd like. It's a premium title that costs $3.99.

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