Farming Simulator 20, the latest in the series of the most successful simulator series' is making its way to iOS, Android and Switch this December, just in time for Christmas. It's been revealed alongside a wonderful announcement trailer that riffs on Pokemon but with tractors and combine harvesters, obviously.

The headline addition to this years Farming Simulator is a new North American environment to build your farm upon. You'll be able to tend livestock such as cows and sheep to be able to sell their milk and wool for profit. On top of that, you'll also be able to have horses that you can ride on to get to different parts of your farm.

There are also new crops to grow alongside your new cattle. Cotton, oats, soybean and barley are just some of the produce you'll be able to grow throughout your farm's numerous fields. With all those fields to farm, you're obviously going to need the equipment to match the size of the job.

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So, as you'd expect from a yearly franchise, there's a bunch of new, authentic, farming vehicles to purchases. So you can expect to find some serious machinery from framing brands such as John Deere, Fendt, New Holland and Krone.

There's also going to be a cockpit view, so if you'd prefer to see the game from a first-person perspective when you're ploughing your fields, there's that option as well. Personally, I'd rather see the outside of the vehicle so I can watch the process in more detail than I would if I was in the driving seat.

Farming Simulator 20 will be available on the App Store, Google Play and Nintendo Switch on December 3rd. You can pre-order now if you'd like too. It will be a premium title that will cost $5.99 on phones. 

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