During BlizzCon 2019, some more footage was shown from Diablo Immortal. This new trailer display some of the various zones you'll be able to adventure in alongside some new world events, classes and legendary weapons. The one thing we didn't see was any kind of release date. However, we got a lot of Diablo Immortal news on the latest BlizzCon!

What we did get to witness though was an awful lot of gameplay. And, considering the backlash surrounding the announcement of Diablo Immortal, which mostly consisted of irate fans who'd rather have a Diablo 4 – which we now know is happening – it looks pretty fun.

The trailer, which you can see below, shows a variety of locales such as Wortham, Dark Wood and Tamoe Mountain. All of these places are from various games in the Diablo series, so it's looks like Diablo Immortal is shaping up to be a nostalgia trip for diehard fans as well as bring in a few new ones.

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We also see a glimpse of the Demon Hunter class in action. Armed with dual crossbows he has various abilities that make impressive use of these weapons. Firing an impressive volley of arrows at once, spinning with impressive RPM whilst firing them and making use of different gadgets such as a grappling hook to get out of tight situations.

There's also an example of a world event that players will be able to participate in called the Haunted Carriage. Here the aim appears to be escorting a carriage pulled by spectral horses from one place to another and defending from various enemies as you go.

There's also a brief showcase of various legendary weapons, all of which have some pretty spectacular looking special effects dancing around the screen. There was also another montage of different ultimate that different classes will have at their disposal, which looked equally impressive and fun to use.

There's still no apparent release date in sight for Diablo Immortal, but it looks to be developing quite nicely. I'm much more excited for it following this new trailer after being quite apathetic towards it previously.

When it does grace our mobiles with its presence it will be available on the App Store and Google Play, where you can pre-register now. Alternatively, you can pre-register over on the official site.

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