Update: Fallen Knight is now available

Five new games have made their way onto Apple Arcade, only one week after the service received its previous batch of new ones. The new titles include Lifelike, Tales of Memo, Hogwash, Yaga and Fallen Knight. They're all available now with the exception of Fallen Knight, which is currently facing issues that Apple and developers FairPlay are working on.


First up we have Lifelike: Chapter one. This game looks incredibly psychedelic and will see players interacting with the various creatures within the game itself. It promises to be a hypnotic experience as it recreates aesthetically pleasing imagery before your eyes that's inspired by the idea of swarm behaviour. It looks very interesting

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Tales of Memo

Next up we have Tales of Memo, where you'll help the titular character Memo and his pals through frozen locales. Along the way, you'll have to defeat a variety of enemies and bosses. Rather than a standard combat system though, you'll fight using your power of recalling information in a variety of memory puzzles. It also has a gorgeous art style.

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Hogwash is the latest multiplayer title to come to Apple Arcade. It's a 3 vs 1 asymmetrical online experience where one player plays as a farmer who's doing his utmost to keep his farm clean. On the other side of the fence, three players will take up the mantle of pigs who are hell-bent on making the farm as muddy as possible. It's certainly a very cute idea.

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The fourth game making it's way to Apple Arcade is Yaga. Yaga has been a known-entity with regards to Apple Arcade for quite some time. It's a Slavic-inspired action RPG with a focus on the choices you make throughout the game. You'll also play as a blacksmith too, so to show he really knows his stuff when it comes to forging the developers promise a very in-depth forging system where you'll be able to create crazy-sounding weapons like teleporting lightning hammers. Count me in.

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Fallen Knight

Finally, we have Fallen Knight which is, unfortunately, not available due to some undisclosed issues with the game. However, Apple and FairPlay studios are working on fixing it. When it does eventually become available you'll discover a side-scrolling action platformer. You'll play as Lancelot the 50th and battle your way through numerous bosses, making use of the parry and disarm system as you go. It looks pretty cool so I'm excited to play it once the issues have been resolved.

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Four of these new titles are available now for Apple Arcade, whilst FairPlay Studios are working on the issues with Fallen Knight. Apple Arcade is a subscription service that costs £4.99 per month and we've got a hub dedicated to it so you can discover more about the library of games on offer.