10tons action RPG Undead Horde was announced for iOS earlier this year following releases on PC and consoles including the Switch back in May. Now we know that the Necromancer simulator, as the developers refer to it, will be heading for Apple Devices on 24th October.

In Undead Horde you play as a Necromancer meaning that you'll be able to raise the undead. It won't just be limited to people either, the enemies you slay in battle using your reanimated army can also be brought back to life to fight by your side. You'll be limited by exactly how many living undead you can have at a time, though this can be upgraded.

Your newly raised army will listen to your commands putting their newly restored lives on the line willingly for their leader. If this makes it sound more like a strategy game, there is more to it. You don't have to stand idly by and watch your minions do your bidding. You will also be able to join the fight yourself using various weapons and skills bring adding some action into the mix.

There's a lot of loot to be found in the game which includes a plethora of weapons for your necromancer to wield in battle amongst his troops. Additionally, there will also be numerous items you can find that give various buffs for the necromancer and his willing minions. These items are all procedurally generated, so there'll be plenty of variation to be found.

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Undead Horde also has a levelling system so you can make your necromancer grow even more powerful to more easily strike down your foes and then bring them back to fight by your side.

Undead Horde will be available through the App Store on 24th October and you can pre-order it now. It will be a free-to-play game that will cost $5.99 for a limited time before going up to $9.99.

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