Call of Duty Mobile has been an absolute smash hit already, and with brand new modes and maps being added regularly, the fun keeps going!

One of my firm favorite Call of Duty modes has always been Gun Game, where you will cycle through 20 different weapons, and the first to get a kill with each weapon wins.

It's fast-paced, frantic, and you can expect a lot of deaths in this free-for-all game mode. Now that is has finally landed on Call of Duty Mobile, it's time to outline some key Call of Duty Mobile tips for you to come out on top in this difficult mode.

If you've played Gun Game before in the previous Call of Duty titles then you will know how the game works, but luckily we've got some mobile-specific tips for you to hone your skills even on the mobile touch screen. Read on for everything you need to know…

How Gun Game works

As mentioned, you will cycle through 20 different weapons and you're tasked with getting a kill with each. Once you get a kill, you will automatically swap to a new weapon. A nice difference in this iteration of Gun Game is that death won't actually take you back to a previous weapon, which is lovely.

Your main challenge here will be using each of the different types of weapons, getting a good shot on your opponents and, of course, making sure you're within range and succeed.

Map knowledge also helps, though the main thing that will ensure your success is adjusting to the more difficult to use weapons, like the shotguns.

Once you've mastered each of the weapons, the next step is simply taking down your enemies. Which is easy, really…

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