Card of Darkness is a brand new kind of randomly generated dungeon crawler, the kind that combines the influence of tactical card games and health management into the dungeon crawler formula.

It sounds complicated but actually plays out marvelously simply. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find it hard to stop playing.

Card of Darkness is also, surprisingly, not all that dark. The game is lighthearted and friendly, and even includes your protagonist farting himself to death upon failure. Amazing.

If you want to play through Card of Darkness with the kind of professionalism expected of a true Pocket Gamer, then all you need are the following tips. They're basic tips for beginners, but think them through properly and you'll find brand new ways to complete each stage.

Card of Darkness is another great game to land on Apple Arcade that you definitely should download if you're already subscribed.

Draw a card

To play Card of Darkness you simply tap on one of the nearby cards on the field to use it. This will begin with the cards at the bottom row, and you'll want to make your way to the exit on the top row.

There are healing cards, weapons, gold, and enemies, and you will need to juggle utilizing all of these cards.

Gold is always a good option, as heals and weapons, and then there are enemies, which will do damage to you equal to the number on the card unless you have a weapon. With a weapon, enemies will do damage to you if their number is over that of your weapon, but will simply die if their number is below that of your weapon.

The problem is that any pile you begin you must finish. You don't know what could be under there, it could be a tough enemy. As such, you're better off only using piles you need to head to the exit, not just grabbing all the gold you like.