Bouncer Story is an action RPG from Finnish developers Helmi, that sees you playing as the titular bouncer. It was influenced by 90s games and will see you having to guard various bars in a city with a strong mafia presence. Bouncer Story is available now for iOS and Android.

It won't just be as simple as not letting in that one guy who decided trainers were appropriate footwear for a nightclub though. That will play a factor, however. You'll manage the queue, deciding who gains admission and who doesn't. Who you let or don't let in will affect the mood inside the bar and could lead to greater rewards.

The city you work in has a strong feeling of tension between detectives and the Mafia. It'll be up to you to decide which of these two factions you'll want to help. It's worth remembering though, your character owes the Mafia money from a gambling debt, so you'll have to manage your relationships with different characters carefully.

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So there's a lot of choices involved, which means there are multiple endings and narratives to explore. For instance, you'll be a witness to various crimes on the streets and can decide if you want to help the detectives investigation or not, which will affect the story accordingly.

Outside of your bouncing duties and mingling with the mafia and law, you'll choose how you spend your salary. You'll need to balance your earnings between paying your rent, repaying your loan to the Mafia or upgrading your skills. Alternatively, you can really lean into the gambling background your character's known for in blackjack if you choose.

Bouncer Story is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium game that costs £4.99 on iOS and £3.89 on Android.

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