If you've been playing Mario Kart Tour, then you might have noticed the mode Coin Rush be mentioned a fair few times, even though there's no obvious way to access it. Is Coin Rush just some mode that is yet to be added in a future update, much like multiplayer? Well, no, actually. Coin Rush is playable in the game right now, it's just hard to find.

Coin Rush is the best way in the game to earn coins and fast and is much more efficient than the traditional method of earning just 300 per day from racing around the track and collecting coins. The only problem is, you will actually need to spend rubies in order to access Coin Rush in the first place.

That won't be a problem though, because it's all incredibly worthwhile in the end. To find out the details, just read all about them in this guide…

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Getting that cash

Well, this is what Coin Rush is all about. If you don't have enough cash, and you need more, the game will point you towards Coin Rush.

Simply attempt to purchase an item in the shop you don't have enough money for, and you will be directed towards Coin Rush. Though be aware, you will need 5 rubies just to play it once. Once you're in though, you will easily be able to hoover up 800 coins, or maybe even more for a bigger buy-in.

If you just want some coins and you're sick of getting duplicates in pulls, this is a great option that you should use.