Call of Duty: Mobile has recently released onto the iPhone, iPad and Android stores. Naturally we'll be covering all elements of the game over the next few weeks, but for now we want to discuss one of the biggest new features of the game, its BR (Battle Royale) mode.

Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale mode isn't just a plain-old Battle Royale-clone. It uses a class system for its characters, and features a revive system in the teammate based modes. Each of these classes have an active and passive perk, with these ranging from the chance to deploy a tactical shield through to the ability to deploy a device which heals your entire team. It also features a class based system where each player in the mode must play as one of six character classes, each has their own skills and as such pros and cons.

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But before we start with the classes we should talk about when Battle Royale unlocks in Call of Duty Mobile.

You won't have to play long if you want to get into the Battle Royale mode, it unlocks at level seven, which is before you'll have unlocked most of your core customisation features for the create a class section of the main multiplayer. Most people I've spoken to spent most of their early multiplayer efforts gaining at least one level per match, so it shouldn't take you too long to get there.

Class Warfare

We've broken down the six classes for you right here, with top tips to help you refine your playstyle with each of them.

Defender Class

Much like other leading battle royale games, in Call of Duty Mobile you can build your own cover. The Defender is the best at this, with their activatable ability (Transformed Shield) allowing you to place a deformable shield which can provide yourself with some bonus cover. Meanwhile the Defender class' passive perk gives them added defenses against all damage types except for bullets.

The Defender Class Top Tips:

  • Not only is your shield a great way to defend against incoming bullets, but it is an incredible diversion. Set up your shield a short distance from your position and set yourself up able to fire on anybody firing on it. While most people won't instantly open fire on the shield, it'll certainly draw their attention and that might well be enough for you to do the deed.
  • The Defender's shield is a fantastic rear guard and also allows you to create bottlenecks within certain areas of the map. It can be a double-edged sword however, as it can obscure your view. The easiest way around this is to change your camera settings to TPP (Third-Person Perspective) rather than first-person. This does mean that you'll be in different lobbies than other players though and they may also be quite up on this tip.

Mechanic Class

In most battle royale games discretion is key to survival. Anything which risks giving away your position can spell the end for you, especially in the earlier stages of the game where there are more enemies about and you're frequently travelling through massive open areas. The Mechanic then, is a technical marvel as their activatable ability is an EMP Drone which can render most electrical devices inactive — perfect if you need to effectively blind an enemy before moving through an area.

Their passive ability, Engineer, is also an interesting one as it grants you the ability to see all vehicles, equipment and enemy traps highlighted, giving you an edge on the enemies.

The Mechanic Class Top Tips:

  • The Scout and the Mechanic are a deadly duo when working together. The Scout, who we'll talk about next, has the ability to scout ahead through the use of their sensor dart and spot enemies using their passive ability. Combine this with the Engineer's ability to spot tech and shut down sensors then you've got an unstoppable force.
  • Traps and abandoned vehicles are one of the few signs of life that you'll find in the battle royale mode - keep yourself low to the ground as you approach settlements and your passive ability should give you a good enough visual on whether any organised forces have moved through the area.

Scout Class

The mechanic class' active ability might specialise in making people blind, but the scout class excels at helping you see. Their activatable ability is the Sensor Dart which is a small dart which, once activated emits a dome revealing any other players within it. They've also got the passive ability Tracker, which lets them see the recent footprints of other players.

The Scout Class Top Tips:

  • The tracker ability is a blessing and a curse - don't rely on it or you'll end up eliminated early on. Don't forget that just because you have more information than your enemy, that they don't have information also. Think of it as a gift for setting traps rather than a breadcrumb trail to a free kill. If you can see that an enemy has entered a building then instead place yourself a distance away and fire off a shot to tempt their curiosity - let them come to you.
  • The Sensor Dart ability is most useful at two points of the game. The beginning and the end. When you first start there's a chance that it's the only defense you have against heavier armoured enemies - pop it off into a building to check that its clear to head on in. At the end as the map grows tighter and tighter and you are pushed into the final few it is just enough to ensure that you can grab one of the best spots in the big finale - if anybody else has survived that long.

Clown Class

I'll admit, when I first heard about Call of Duty: Mobile's clown class I thought it was, well, a bit of a joke. Now, however, I'm pretty sure that somebody got their wires crossed back at the developer's office, and the term they were looking for was actually joker. The character is perfect for ristakers who are out to cause chaos, with its activated ability summoning more enemies into the world and its passive ability the ability to move closer to zombies before they lock onto you.

The Clown Class Top Tips:

  • The clown's abilities make it a great solo class, but are you truly ever alone if you can summon a pack of zombies? Its very easy to forget your passive ability, get among the zombies and when it comes to your enemies picking out a target you'll have an edge over them.
  • If you find yourself being shot at from multiple directions then your Toy Bomb is your new best friend. Get to cover and throw them in the first perceivable blindspot you can see - when your tails catch up with you there's a chance that they'll think you've fallen to the zombies, giving you more than enough time to mount a counter attack from your new position.

Medic Class

Another unexpected wildcard, Call of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale mode actually has a healer in it. Not only that, but they're pretty damn good. Both of the medic class' abilities are based around getting yourself patched up. Their activated ability, Medical Station, places a… well, medical station, which heals you and your allies when you are within its radius. Master Healer, however, is a passive ability which makes all of your self-healing efforts more effective. Oh, that and it also makes you revive fallen allies quicker - a double whammy.

The Medic Class Top Tips:

  • This one is going to sound a little bit silly, but don't use your medical station while you're under fire. You never know when you are going to have to give up a position under fire and you need to keep your focus on the enemies. If you make it out of the situation then you can heal up in the ruins, revive your allies, and forge on ahead.
  • If you and your squad do find yourself not just under fire, but also holed up in a building, pinned down, then place your medical station on the obvious chokepoint. While it should really be something used in the open or during the quiet, it can be a real game changer when deployed at a chokepoint.

Ninja Class

As a complete wildcard, Call of Duty Mobile's ninja class is all about rapid traversal. If you're the kind of player who likes getting behind entrenched enemies then it's the class for you. Their activated ability is a grapple hook which you can use to close distances rapidly or grapple up buildings. Their passive ability matches this excellently, making your footsteps even quieter as you run around.

The Ninja Class Top Tips:

  • The ninja might seem like they are best when within urban areas, but I'd recommend that instead you hang around the outskirts. It's much better to observe from a distance and then use your grappling hook to close the distance when you see an enemy.
  • If you do find yourself on the roof of a building which is surrounded by enemies, it's time to crack out the explosives - afterall, that's what they will probably be doing to you. It gives you the benefit of being able to keep your head low while you wait for a good opportunity to use your grappling hook to get away.


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