RuneScape Mobile is soon set to launch into early access following an extended period in closed beta. The announcement arrived during RuneFest 2019 in Farnborough on Saturday.

The latest version boasts a revised user interface that’s been specifically designed for touchscreen devices, including tablets, and it also features cross-platform support, meaning you can easily play the one account across PC and mobile. This is obviously a huge plus, and it’s something that a lot of PC-to-mobile ports haven’t been able to pull off in the past. 

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From my brief hands-on time, I can say that the UI looks sleek and worked surprisingly well once I’d adjusted to it. That said, those who’ve played the PC version extensively will likely have a harder time getting used to the mobile version’s slower pace, with the majority of actions taking slightly longer to perform.

As you’d expect, the current early access build has a number of smaller issues (primarily regarding the mini-map) that are already being addressed. I came away impressed with what the team has managed so far, and those who didn’t get into the closed beta would be wise to check out the early access version when it goes live later this year. I'm hopeful that it can strike the right balance between remaining faithful to the PC version while making necessary concessions for mobile players.

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