French developer Kalank has released the first episode of their augmented reality puzzle game TokoToko. It's available now for iOS.

TokoToko is a story-driven game where you'll be trying to help the various TokoTokos – who are cute little animal creatures. You'll do this by drawing solutions to their problems on paper – whether it's that they need a trap door to escape from a room or some wind to help their sailboat move.

Once you've drawn the solution you then scan the image into the game and the TokoTokos will interact with them. Think of it as a more literal version of Scribblenauts where you're actually drawing the items you want rather than typing it in. I'm interested to see how well this works particularly if, like me, your drawing abilities are lacking.

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The story of TokoToko focuses on Hako, a small blue cat, who has aspirations of being a great artist. To fulfil her dreams she'll need to create an incredible masterpiece and she'll need your help doing so. You'll assist her in gathering a troop of other TokoTokos to play in her graduation.

The other characters you meet along the way include Azuko the Lion and Peko the Fish. They'll all have their own creative endeavours that they can offer to Hako's show and as the new episodes release you'll delve deeper into their coming of age tale.

Once you've purchased the first episode you'll get the second two for free as they are released. You can expect each episode to introduce new characters and puzzles. It will also include a sandbox mode where you'll presumably be able to just hang out with all these adorable clay-motion inspired TokoTokos.

The first episode of TokoToko is available now on the App Store. It's a premium title that will cost £2.99/$2.99.

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