Pixel Pirate is a new action game where you'll have to defend your treasures from various beasties that want to deprive you of it. It's the first game from English developer Seawolf Studios and it's available now for iOS with an Android release coming soon.

The two-man studio spent a year learning game development and then set off with the aim to create a game within a week. Now, 3 months after that, the game is available on the App Store. It's a nice story and it's always great to new see folks entering the mobile realm.

Pixel Pirate itself is a reaction and timing-based action game with the whole easy to learn, hard to master mantra. Your pirate stands on the edge of the water guarding his treasure as various beasts emerge from the sea with the sole intent of killing you and presumably stealing your hard-earned booty.

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There are two buttons on the screen which will make your character use one of two weapons they have equipped – initially a hook and a sword but you can unlock others as well different characters. When the enemies approach they'll have an icon above their head that corresponds to one of those weapons, you'll have to hit that attack in time before they strike you down.

It's an endless game so as you progress from the standard skeletons you'll encounter other creatures that might require more complex button presses to defeat. For instance, as you can see in the trailer above, there are some Cthulhu looking chaps who require you to swing at them with the sword twice or a more hardy skeleton that requires a hook and a slash to be bested.

Pixel Pirate is available now on the App Store and will be coming to Android at a later date. It's a free-to-play game with various in-app purchases.

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