Call of Duty Mobile has finally landed into the palms of our hands, and over here at Pocket Gamer, I have been grinding the hell out of it. 26 kills in a ranked match with a score limit of 40? You know it. And I'm here to teach you how it's done.

Now, something to preface this with: try your best to run this game at high resolution and high framerate if possible. All other graphical options can be sacrificed, but these choices are pretty important in order to perform consistently well.

Right now I have a theory that I'm slaying so much because I can spot people at a distance with high resolution, and have good aiming thanks to solid framerate. Ensure you have the same advantage. And, I'm sorry if your phone doesn't allow for it…

But with that preliminary tip out of the way, it's on with the advice to make you an expert…

The mode that suits you

In the standard multiplayer playlist, you can choose from five game modes to participate in. Frontline, TDM, Domination, S&D, and Practice VS AI.

Frontline and Team Deathmatch are similar. Reach a score limit by killing enemies alongside your team. The difference is that in Frontline, you will always spawn in the same location, meaning you can spawn kill.

Domination is a point control mode, and Search & Destroy is a Counter Strike-like game of a single life per round, planting a bomb at a site, and the other team defusing it.

Finally, the Practice VS AI mode is exactly what it sounds like. Great to test out your aim and weapons, and you will still get experience for it too.

Now, Ranked playlists will only actually feature Team Deathmatch and a random map selection. If you want to earn Ranked rewards, which is always a good idea, then you should practice your Team Deathmatch skills.

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