Hearthstone’s Tombs of Terror campaign is now coming to an end with its fourth and final chapter ‘The Halls of Origination’. The latest chapter should be live right now, and here’s exactly what to expect.

While you may have cleared the dreaded tombs, the truth is that there’s still a lot of work to be done to return Uldum to peace. The time has now come to head out and take down the final – and most powerful – plague lord, reclaim the Halls of Origination, and face up to the League of E.V.I.L. and their many minions.

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The latest gameplay twist is known as the ‘Plague of Wrath'. What this basically does is give all minions +1 attack whenever they take damage. If you’re smart, you can use their infection to cause massive amounts of damage, but in doing so you run the risk of enraging your enemies.

The final member of the League of Explorers is Brann Bronzebeard. He boasts ‘the bravery and fortitude of a Warrior, alongside the marksmanship and animal kinship of a Hunter’. He’s also a Dinotamer, which is really all you need to know.

And at the end of your lengthy quest, it sounds like you’ll discover another dastardly plot from the League of E.V.I.L., meaning even more challenges await all intrepid explorers.

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The first episode of the Tombs of Terror solo campaign is available for free, and the other 3 can be purchased individually for $6.99 or all together for $14.99. If you’re interested, you’ll find Hearthstone over on both the App Store and Google Play.

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