League of Wonderland is Sega's latest mobile title. It appears to be their attempt to create their own Crash Royale game and it's available now for iOS and Android.

League of Wonderland has several of the Clash Royale genre that you'll be familiar with. In 2 minute, 1v1 battles you'll attempt to destroy two of your opponents three towers before time runs out. You'll have a deck of 8 cards with various units to choose from and access to a few special abilities to assist you along the way by sending them down one of three lanes.

It will make fairly unique use of one the features of the mobile platform though – the touchscreen. There are special abilities in the game called 'Draw Shots'. To activate these you will need actually draw on the screen with your finger to unleash these various powers. Some may be an area of effect attack whilst others will be buffs or debuffs.

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The theme of the game is very broad. Your units will be a mixture of people from fairytales, real history and myths. This means you'll have Alice – the titular character from Lewis Carrol's novel – coming up against the likes of Zeus and King Arthur. It's all presented in a distinctly anime style too which makes the whole thing even more bizarre but in a good way.

It also has a few other interesting features that are worth mentioning. You'll be able to watch other people battle it out and can even bet on who the winner will be. Guessing correctly will earn yourself a bit of in-game currency. Additionally, the game can also be played in AR, so if you like the idea of anime Merlin battling it out with Sun Goddess Amaterasu on a miniature table in your living room, then this game has that option.

League of Wonderland is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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