Mario Kart Tour is out right now, and while some have expressed complaints about the way it controls and the monetization (me), it's hard to argue with the fact that it is an authentic mobile Mario Kart experience.

It has loads of courses, drift boosts, items, and will eventually have multiplayer. Right now though, players are having to wait for multiplayer and new tracks. So what is there to work towards, why keep playing? Well, you should be aiming to get five stars on every track.

Each track is scored with a certain amount of points on your run, and you should be aiming to get five stars each time, which on the early tracks is simple. The later tracks make it very difficult, however, and you'll need to use some more advanced tricks in order to complete everything.

There are a bunch of things you can do to increase your overall score and make it easier to earn every single star in the game, in addition to bumping up your ranking score. Just read on for everything you need to know…

All about points

So yes, points should be your primary concern, and we're going to list all of the best ways to improve your points. But you'll essentially get extra points in a race for almost every action you perform.

Hitting enemies with items, mini-turbos, collecting coins, jump boosts, gliding in the air, all of this and much more can earn you points.

That's in addition to the points you'll receive for your choice of driver, kart, and glider, which should give you around 1000 points to start each race with.

You will also get points for the position you finish in, but truly good performance on the track will earn you enough points for five stars even if you don't end up in first place.

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