Cursed Castilla – or Maldita Castilla as it was known in other regions – was originally released back in 2012 where its Ghosts and Goblins influenced gameplay was well received. Since then it's been ported over to almost everything else except for mobile. Until now that is. Cursed Castilla will be available for iOS on 24th October.

In Cursed Castilla you assume the role of Don Ramiro who was appointed by King Alphonse VI to banish any evil that threatens the lands of Tolomera. After the tears of a young witch are turned into a key that can open the gates to hell by a demon, you can imagine there are a fair few dark forces that need vanquishing.

You'll face off against various creatures from European folklore such as mouras, Ojáncanos, Nuberus and Malismos. If you're not au fait with European supernatural beings that stem from folklore – much like myself – then Cursed Castilla might be a good place to learn a few new cultural details through the game's bestiary.

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You'll battle your way through 19 different bosses and take on 48 types of enemies as you complete the game's 8 stages. You might also want to play through the game multiple times if you're a completionist too as there are 4 different endings to see that depend on how successful your missions are.

As you can see from the trailer above the game will have a virtual d-pad and buttons. However, it will support MFi controllers from launch. It will also be playable in either landscape or portrait so it seems they've put a lot of care into giving players as many options as possible which is good to see.

Cursed Castilla will be available on the App Store on 24th October and you can pre-order it now if you wish. It will be a premium game that costs £3.99.

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