Towards the end of last month the popular roguelike deckbuilder, Void Tyrant became available on Android in Early Access. Now it's officially released on that platform and to coincide with this, there is a sizeable update for both iOS and Android that includes a new class which is available now.

The new class will be the Assassin which will be available as an optional IAP. It will come with 10 unique/upgradable class cards, 7 perks and 2 upgrade missions. This class will be compatible with all the available races.

The update will also include a plethora of free content as well, so it's not all IAPs fortunately. This includes new enemies to do battle with, NPCs to meet, cards to collect and missions to complete. In total 44 new cards are being added to the game which is a fairly sizeable amount given that there's already 500 in the game.

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If you're unfamiliar with Void Tyrant, it's a roguelike deckbuilder where you aim to battle your way across the galaxy to reclaim the 'Eyes of Chronos'. You'll build up your deck as you go by defeating a variety of different aliens and disarming traps. There's a nice variety of aliens to battle too, ranging from floating robots to cyborg minotaurs. 

As it's a roguelike when you die you'll have to start over from the beginning. However, there is some permanence to the game as any upgrades you've managed to acquire will remain. This will potentially make any future attempts to get those 'Eye's of Chronos' a little more straightforward.

Void Tyrant is available now on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free-to-play with ads however, for a one-off payment of $4.99 you can remove them. There are a few IAPs beyond this, including the recently added Assassin.

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