Follow the Feathers’ upcoming adventure-puzzler Weaving Tides sees you travelling through an enchanting, woven world on the backs of kite-like creatures. At its core is an inventive stitching mechanic which you’ll use to overcome the game’s Zelda-like dungeons and many tricky puzzles.

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It tells the heartwarming tale of Tass, a young boy who seems to be the only human child left in his world. With his foster dad at his side, he heads out to unravel the mystery behind who he is and why there’s nobody else like him. As you might imagine, the story delves into themes of family and finding a place where you belong.

On your challenging quest, you’ll meet and befriend new Weavers, unlocking their unique stitching abilities in the process. By exploring the world thoroughly, you’ll find magical upgrade items that can boost your Weavers’ special moves, as well as mystic embroideries which enhance their abilities.

To celebrate the announcement of the game’s official Discord server, the team is hosting a special contest. Basically, community members who design and submit their very own ribbon patterns could earn themselves goodie packages and Steam keys. What’s more, the winning design will be made available as a usable item in the game’s in-depth creative mode. Here’s a link to more information on the prizes up for grabs and how exactly to get involved.

Weaving Tides thoroughly impressed our judges at the PC Indie Pitch at ReVersed, earning first place. And you should also know that Follow the Feathers is planning a Kickstarter campaign for February 2020. In the meantime, you can stay up to date on Weaving Tides by following the dev team on Twitter, liking their Facebook page, or visiting the game's official site.