Mario Kart Tour launched today around the world, finally allowing people everywhere to see what Nintendo's mobile Mario Kart offering would be like for themselves. And the verdict? Well, the verdict is still out, but it's a mixed bag right now.

Mario Kart Tour is undoubtedly a Mario Kart game, complete with items, characters, drifts, everything you think of when you think about Mario Kart. Oh, except multiplayer, that's coming later and seems pretty important.

By all accounts this a fully-fledged Mario Kart title on mobile, and it'd hold up better if it weren't for the usual mobile trappings.

Yes, Mario Kart Tour is a gacha game, and that means you'll be saving up premium currency gems to pull more characters, karts, and gliders, which is why we've decided to put together a full list of all of the characters, karts, and a gliders you can earn - or buy - in the game. Aren't we nice?

Our list is complete with appearance rates too, so you know exactly how likely you are to earn a rare and interesting pull when you invest in the gacha mechanics. We think it's important to know, honestly.

In addition to the gacha mechanics the game has, there's also a premium Gold Pass subscription, which promises to give subscribers even better karts and rewards. But honestly, at a fiver a month, it doesn't sound worthwhile.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Mario Kart Tour, check our lists below for every single driver, kart, and glider in the game...