If you are looking for ways to enhance your gameplay, these Mini Motorways tips will certainly turn out to be essential for you!

Mini Motorways is one of the most relaxing and engaging games I've ever played with such a slow pace. It's essentially Civilization with roads instead of cultures, and it's excellent. All you really need to do is join together roads so cars can get where they are going. How did cars get to their homes before roads were put in place? I have no idea, but you really have to just ignore small things like that.

But things complicate fast. You can't just layer down roads haphazardly, for while they might work as intended for a while, we'll see how things end up when the population increases.

Interestingly though, the fail state for this game is pretty harsh. The developers have definitely never driven through London, for then they would truly understand traffic congestion.

Regardless, we have some fresh Mini Motorways tips for settling into the game, and needless to say, we definitely advise that you do so. Just read on for everything you need to know…

Tip #1 - Colour coded journeys

The first thing you should know is that coloured cars will only visit the same colour buildings. So if there's a red house and a red building which is separate from your main cluster of roads, well, that's just fine. The red car doesn't need to visit anywhere else, nor does it need to cause more traffic chaos.

That's easy to say as a game starts out, but as things progress, well, it'll get complicated. But it will help you plan routes for other vehicles in the future. Knowing where each car needs to go, or which variety of buildings it needs to visit, definitely helps your plans.

Try not to let things get too tight and congested in the beginning because that will definitely lead to problems down the line. As you get more road pieces, make it so cars can take multiple routes to alleviate traffic.

Original article by Dave Aubrey, updated by PocketGamer Staff