The original Roterra proved to be a pretty popular title when it was released, so it's unsurprising it's getting a sequel. Roterra Extreme Great Escape has been described as a mini-sequel by the developers that'll be available for iOS in November.

The term mini-sequel pretty much seems to mean that it won't be as long as the original – containing 30 puzzles over 10 levels compared to the original's 80. It promises to take around 3 hours to complete, so it's definitely not going to take up a lot of your time but if it's a case of quality over quantitiy I'm not sure anyone will mind, particularly since it'll cost less than a dollar.

If you're unfamiliar with the original Roterra it was a perspective-based puzzle game where you would flip a cube or two or even the whole world in order to make a path to the end of the level. We reviewed the game back then and whilst it received a fairly lukewarm score, we found there was still a lot to enjoy with it.

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The perception bending sequel is set to follow in the same vein and you're still likely to find yourself wondering which way is 'up' or if that's simply a concept that doesn't exist in this world. I mean, you can walk along the ceiling if you flip the world around, so I guess 'up' really isn't a relevant term in Roterra after all.

Extreme Escape will tell the story of Orlando this time around instead of Angelica. Whilst Angelica's story dealt with a personal triumph, Orlando's will focus entirely on his desperation to escape. He'll even see hallucinations as he gets more worried about never being able to get free.

Roterra Extreme Great Escape will be available on the App Store on or before November 14th. It will cost $0.99 according to its App Store page. In the meantime, you can always give the original try which is available on the App Store and very recently on Google Play too.

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