Idle Skilling made it's mobile debut last year when it arrived on Android devices. Now its made its way over to Apple Products where it's available now on the App Store.

AS you can undoubtedly tell from the name, Idle Skilling is an idle game. It's entirely focused on the concept of players enjoying the feeling of levelling up different stats. And there's an awful lot to level up here. Alongside your attack, you'll also be able to level up your skill in different areas such as mining, fishing and crafting.

Of course, levelling also has to include distributing skill points and Idle Skilling promises to have this in abundance too with a skill tree that allows you to get 30 unique perks. Additionally, you'll be able to level up over 20+ heroes throughout the game so there's a lot of levelling to be done.

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As is often the case with idle games it will play itself even if you don't have the app open. It will also have a new game plus and new game plus plus mode which will mix up the game as well as giving it a bit more longevity. Of course, there's crafting, mining, battling and raids in the game before you even hit New Game Plus, so it's not as though it's found wanting for content before then anyway.

Idle Skilling has proven to be a fairly popular title over on Google Play. It currently holds a four out of five-star rating from over 1000 reviews as well being downloaded over 100,000 times. So if you're on iOS and love idle games then it seems to be a fairly good option.

Idle Skilling – Pocket RPG Tycoon is now available on the App Store and Google Play if you missed it the first time around. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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