After a couple of events with Marvel's Thanos, Fortnite and Epic Games have now glided over to the DC to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman. There are several in-game changes to celebrate the Caped Crusaders birthday that is now live until October 6th. 

The Rift Zones are the gift that keeps on giving following the Borderlands Crossover earlier this month. Instead of Pandora though, this time Tilted Towers has had a macabre makeover and has been transformed into Gotham City. Whilst visiting this area you'll be able to re-deploy your glider as much as you like so you can swoop through those crime-infested streets to your heart's content or until someone snipes you of course.

It won't just be a new location to explore, as you've probably guessed. There will also be two batman themed items you'll be able to loot. The first is the Batman Grapnel Gun. This grappling hook will come with 10 charges that allow you to propel yourself towards the target in a flat arc. As the height of the launch, you'll deploy the Bat Cape which works the same way as the regular glider.

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The second is the Explosive Batarang. This explosive consumable item will be found in stacks 5 and will home towards opponents when thrown. It will do 50 damage to players and 200 to the environment, though it only explodes when an opponent is nearby. If no one's around it will stick into the ground and act like a proximity mine. It can then be picked up and disarmed by the thrower or their allies.

Finally, you'll be able to grab yourself a few new Batman skins. These include a Comic Book outfit for those feeling nostalgic and The Dark Knight Movie outfit for those who like their Batman to speak like he's chewing gravel. You'll also be able to buy a Catwoman skin too if you prefer the feline thief over Bats.

Fortnite is available on the App StoreGoogle Play and Nintendo Switch. It's a free-to-play game with various in-app purchases.

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