Lyra is the first puzzle game from the developer Cold Hours. It's intended to be a relaxing, minimalist game involving shapes and you can download it now for Android.

On the surface, the game is very simple. You'll be presented with a number of tiles and your job is to make all the white tiles colourless. Some of these tiles will have shapes inside of them. These can be interacted with whilst those without shapes cannot.

Depending on the shape inside the tile it has different effects. A circle inside a title will simply invert the colour of that piece. A triangle will invert itself and any tiles that the three points are directed towards. A hexagon meanwhile will affect all of the tiles that surround it.

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So it's not a hard concept to grasp as the goal is simple and there are very few rules to consider. However, once the levels start to get larger and the shapes' areas of effect begin to overlap you'll find yourself having to think quite a few steps ahead as you'll constantly be inverting the colours back and forth.

Given there are over 1000 levels to complete I can imagine it'll get fairly difficult. It will also have endless modes of varying difficulty so even if you manage to get through all 1000 levels there's still a bit more content for you in there.

Lyra is available over on Google Play right now. It's a free-to-play game with various in-app purchase. These include varying numbers of hints as well as a £2.19 payment to remove ads from the game. The developer has said that they are happy to create an iOS version of the game once the Android version provides enough revenue to buy a developer account for the App Store.

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