Frogmind Games’ Clash Royale-inspired Rumble Stars is now into its 14th season, meaning a fresh set of buffs and nerfs are on their way to shake up the community. As is usually the case, a lot of these changes aren’t going to be to everyone’s liking – especially those who’ve paid to level up the cards that are about to get nerfed – but such gripes are really just part and parcel of playing a competitive multiplayer game at this point.

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If you’re yet to give it a go, the focus in Rumble Stars is set squarely on its eclectic and ever-expanding roster of ‘Rumblers’. While most of these guys are animals, you do occasionally see the likes of General Molotov (a sentient Molotov cocktail) and Cannonman (a giant cannon with eyes). It’s a competitive football game of sorts which takes the Clash Royale formula and adds a few more layers of depth to its units system.

We’ve got a full written review, as well as the video review embedded above, which should hopefully help you decide if it’s something you’d enjoy. And now on to the big ol' list of buffs and nerfs...

  • Health increased by 5%
Bouncer Bear:
  • Field Time increased by 2 seconds
  • Movement speed increased by 15%
  • Health increased by 20%
  • Grip strength increased by 5%
Striker Tiger:
  • Health increased by 12%
  • Field Time increased by 1 second
  • Mass increased by 5%
  • Shot Power increased by 5%
  • Shot Power increased by 4%
Sniper Wolf:
  • Movement speed increased by 10%
  • Mass increased by 5%
  • Shot Power increased by 5%
Fast Monkey:
  • Ball grip increased by 20%
  • Field Time decreased by 0.5 seconds
Mr. Bigshot:
  • Bullet explosion radius decreased by 29%
General Molotov:
  • Field Time decreased by 3.5 seconds
  • Size decreased by 9%
  • Burn effect duration decreased by 50%
  • Mass decreased by 10%
  • Sling damage decreased by 33%
  • Cannonball push force decreased by 10%
Tiny Tanuki:
  • Ball catching decreased by 25%
  • Ball grip decreased by 9%
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You'll find Rumble Stars available for download now over on both the App Store and Google Play. And if you'd like to see how the game's progressed since its launch earlier this year, best check out our feature from last month which covers everything you'd need to know before starting out in Rumble Stars today. 

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