Way of the Turtle is one of the many kid-friendly games that launched today on Apple Arcade. It’s an accessible adventure platformer from Illusion Labs, developer of Bacon Escape and Mr. Crab.

The story revolves around Mr. and Mrs. Turtle. The cute couple have found themselves stranded on a mysterious island, and they’ve washed ashore quite a distance apart. As you might expect, the tricky task of guiding them back to one another falls to you. Trouble is that the inhabitants of this once-idyllic island have been transformed into vicious monsters by a terrible curse.

There’s a big focus on exploration here, with plenty of Metroidvania-style secrets to uncover. Way of the Turtle also incorporates some light RPG mechanics, as well as basic character progression. You can evolve your turtle by collecting shells with special properties, granting you the ability to attack, dash, or shield yourself.

Controls are said to be simple and intuitive, playing well on touchscreen devices. You’ll use basic touch gestures to perform actions, and there’s a lack of on-screen clutter which might have otherwise detracted from the pretty visuals.

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If you’re not a fan of the touchscreen controls, the game supports PS4, Xbox, and Nimbus controllers at launch. So far, it’s looking like a polished and pleasant little game for kids and adults alike, with plenty of well-hidden content to keep completionists busy.

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