Where Cards Fall was one of the earliest games to be announced for Apple Arcade back in March of this year. With Apple Arcade just a few days way – or available now if you got into the iOS 13 beta – the developers have dropped a new trailer. Where Cards Fall will be available on the launch of Apple Arcade.

Where Cards Fall is an isometric puzzle game set in a dreamlike world. You'll be tasked with helping a young boy traverse this world by building various constructs with cards by dragging them around the area. This can be used to help him reach other parts of the level or even to build a shop that he can pop into.

Inside these various buildings, which can include a coffee shop or record store, you can head inside and grab a beverage or listen to some tunes. This means that you're not just creating a path to the end of each stage, you're creating a little world to explore.

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The game will tell a coming-of-age story where the puzzles will be integral to the narrative. I'm very interested to see how exactly this will play out. There are a few hints to how this will work that you can see in the trailer above.

The game will not have any cuts during gameplay, which means once you've loaded in the first time, you shouldn't see another loading screen. So, Where Cards Fall will follow the young boy's journey from start to finish seamlessly.

Where Cards Fall will be available through Apple Arcade, the upcoming subscription that launches on September 19th. If you want to see a full list of the games that are coming to Apple's subscription service we've compiled a handy list for you.

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