Takoway is an upcoming puzzle game from Hexagoon studios that focuses its brainteaser on the idea of being able to shift perspective. It's heading to both iOS and Android on October 3rd.

The game follows a little hexapus – that's an octopus with 6 tentacles as I'm sure you've guessed – called Tako who's going on an adventure to find a place to belong after escaping captivity. It has a very cute aesthetic and Toko herself is that 'squishable' variant of adorable.

Each level will see you trying to get Tako from one part of the stage to the other. To do this you will have to swap perspectives between the interior and exterior of the level so that you can successfully navigate your way through it.


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This was inspired by the Necker Cube Illusion, an image you'd probably recognise if you looked it up. The Necker Cube's whole schtick is that the orientation of the cube can be interpreted in many different ways whilst looking at it. This concept is how Takoway works, based on the trailer, though of course, you can expect additional mechanics to get thrown in too as it gets more complex.

The game will also have dual-tracked music so when you decide to switch between perspectives you'll notice that the music shifts slightly. I always enjoy little details like this so it's awesome they've gone to the trouble to add this feature to the game.


Similarly, the levels will also have two variations of the in-game art style depending on the perspective, it's not just the box you have to navigate that changes. The background may change colour slightly too which can give the stage a surprisingly different, often darker, look.

Takoway is heading to both the App Store and Google Play on October 2nd. It will be a premium game that will cost $2.99.

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