Cripes, it's been quite a week here. We've had all sorts of releases, but we've also had that flood of information about what the future of premium gaming might look like in Apple Arcade. With its September 19th release date and promising line-up - which reportedly exceeds 100 games - it's clear that Apple Arcade is going to be a game-changer. Not only that, but we know that Google are working on their equivilent - which is set to also include apps - so we are likely to see a massive change in how we play games going forward.

But, that's not what we're here about. No-no. We're here to talk about the five best games which have been released onto mobile platforms this week, and we've got quite a selection. They range from police simulation through to moody 2D horrors, and we've brought them all together for you to check out here.

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So, without any more delay, click on through the big blue button below to find out what we think are the 5 best new games for mobile this week.