In early August we learned that Lords Watch: Tower Defence RPG – to give it its full name – would be heading to Android devices. We still don't have a concrete release date but you can now pre-register for the game on Google Play.

The game is currently soft-launched in Brazile, Chile, the Philippines and Indonesia. It will be globally released soon apparently.

As you've no doubt inferred from the game's title, it's a tower defence game with RPG elements. Instead of having towers though you'll be able to choose five heroes before going into each level and will be able to strategically place them at different points around the stage.

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There's quite a sizeable roster too choose from as well with over 50 heroes to select from. Similarly, there will also be a large number of levels to beat too, with over 300 expected to be in the final game.

It will also attempt to be a little more involved than the normal tower defence game. You'll be able to choose between attacking and defending for each of your heroes and change this when the time is right. I like this idea as a switch up to the usual tower defence tactic of just popping down your units and idly watching as they do their thing.


There will also be a number of PVP modes with around 4 different names listed such as Mysterious Corridor and Nightmare Vale. However, no further details for these modes are available at the moment. We do know that there will be a mode where you can play as the units that are invading rather than the standard tower setup though.

Lords Watch: Tower Defence RPG is available to pre-register now on Google Play. There are no details on release date or pricing at the moment. However, given that the game has tiered heroes that you can level it's probably safe to assume it'll be free-to-play with in-app purchases rather than a premium game.

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