Girl’s War Z is an upcoming gacha-style RPG about a group of young girls surviving in a zombie apocalypse. As first spotted by kongbakpao, the game is now available for pre-registration over on Google Play.

The story is that a dreadful zombie plague has torn through the world, turning most of humanity into shambling ghouls. Weirdly, only girls under the age of 18 appear to be immune, and so they’re left to their own devices to survive and perhaps even find a cure.

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It sounds like a straightforward gacha game, with summonable characters and collectable guns that can be purchased through the black market. Once you’ve bought a gun, it’s up to you to decide which of your characters would benefit from it the most. While it’s not confirmed in the details I’ve read, I imagine this means each girl has specific strengths and weaknesses. The game’s store page also mentions that each girl has their own buffs to utilise in combat, which hopefully means that there’s some depth to battles.

With so much of the game’s draw being the various collectable characters, it’s a shame that I can’t get on board with the designs of some of the girls’ costumes. I have to say that most of them seem fine, surprisingly restrained for this sort of game, even. But the few that are questionable still leave a sour taste in my mouth. 

And there’s not any getting around it with this one, they’re not 10,000-year-old demons trapped in the bodies of children – no such daft excuses – they’re clearly intended to be straight-up school-age girls. I’m not sure how widespread this might be, what with me only having seen several of the unlockable costumes, but even a single example of child characters being used in this way is one too many for me.

If you’re willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, you’ll find Girl’s War Z available for pre-registration now over on Google Play.

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