If you've ever pictured the perfect Instagrammers utopia, you might envision something that comes pretty close to Mini Life - a new social networking game that offers up a huge shared world environment where players are encouraged to socialise, customise, and generally indulge themselves in the high life.

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It comes courtesy of KRAFTON, a union of veteran studios that boast a long resume of hit titles, including Tera, BOWMAX, and PUBG. So, after mastering the action side of the MMO genre, quite naturally the group set its sights on a new challenge with Mini Life (one that doesn't involve impaling or incinerating your opponents). In fact, the whole notion of opponents is done away with altogether, with KRAFTON Game Union electing to make Mini Life a completely non-violent, social interaction game that blends together MMO and social networking elements with endless possibilities for customisation.

The gameplay and top-down presentation is akin to old school simulators like The Sims, except with Mini Life the graphics are far smoother and cuter and the emphasis is placed firmly on socialising, rather than manufacturing situations in which to cause mischief. You can play it one-handed or two-handed, so it’s a perfect fit even in a hectic lifestyle.

The name of the game is to create your own little virtual avatar and help them climb the ranks of popularity by making use of the plethora of customisation options on offer. In fact plethora doesn't even do it justice - there's (no kidding) over 20 billion different ways to customise your avatar! There are numerous opportunities for social interaction with regular live events, an integrated trading system, and over 3,000 different fashion items to make sure your character stays on trend at all times. Of course, it wouldn't do for a stylish fashionista to simply look the part - you can build and decorate your very own mansion too.

Besides the wealth of customisation options on offer, Mini Life gives you the option of taking your avatar from mini-life to real life thanks to its AR features which let you include your character in your photos. Just make sure your avatar doesn't show you up by looking more glamourous than you!

Mini Life is available to download right now from the App Store and an early access beta version can be found on Google Play for free.