Pokémon Masters is a darn fine mobile Pokémon game, honestly. It brings characters from the mainline canon together and fleshes them out in a way none of the actual mainline Pokémon games have ever had a chance to. These characters have been given new life, and it only gets better as the story progresses.

And seeing all of these characters in the story is great, and after you clear through the 10 primary story chapters, you'll have 10 more to fight your way through, with even more creative character cameos.

But here's the catch. Things get really tough, really fast. But that's why we're here. We have the tips you need to increase the power of your sync-pairs as fast as possible and make it so they can fight against the very stronger Pokémon in the entirety of Pokémon Masters. Just read on for everything you need to know…

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Power over precision

For most of the story mode in Pokémon Masters you can comfortably rely on the type of Pokémon that the game suggests you use. If it says to use a fire type, do as you're told, and so on. But as you progress later in the game, you're likely to come across types you do not have access to.

Level up your Pokémon. Seriously, move them all the way up to their level cap, and even beyond it. You will have to specifically look up what items you need to do so, and grind for them by any means possible.

When you don't have an advantageous type, just use your strongest Pokémon, but if you find you do have the advantageous type, they're just weak, then yeah, level them up too. You will need to get grinding for items, though.