Greak: Memories of Azur is an upcoming side-scrolling action-platformer which sees you switching between three distinct siblings as they attempt to escape their magical homeland.

You’ll start out playing as Greak, the youngest of the three. He and his family belong to a magical race called the Courine, a group that’s now dwindling in numbers and being force to flee their land due to an invasion of Urlag. The war has raged on for longer than most can remember, and it’s become so dire that Greak has been left alone to fend for himself, now searching desperately for his older brother and sister.

His journey across the lands of Azur will throw many challenges his way, though he’ll eventually find Adara and Raydel, both of whom you’ll then be able to play as. All three have their own special abilities, and you’re going to have to switch between them in order to solve the game’s puzzles and best its many monsters. On a basic level, it’s somewhat reminiscent of the early Trine games.

From the trailer, it looks like the two brothers specialise in melee combat, while the sister can float through the air and target enemies with magical attacks. Switching between them looks totally seamless, with AI quickly taking over as soon as you change characters.

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At this early stage, its hand-drawn art style is no doubt the thing drawing most people in. To say it looks pretty would be a gross understatement, reminding me a fair bit of Hollow Knight in terms of its colour palette and monster designs.

There also seems to be some resource management elements, forcing you to think carefully about the items you use. This isn’t highlighted in the trailer, though the game’s press release does mention that ‘scarcity and resource management will be key to success’.

The only downside here is that we won’t be seeing it until 2020 on Switch. In the meantime, you can visit the game’s official site for more info, or follow developer Navegante over on Twitter.

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