To battle in Pokémon Masters, we must first understand why we battle in Pokémon Masters. And we do it so we can become the champion. Ah, case solved then.

Battling in Pokémon Masters isn't like what you're used to with the mainline Pokémon games. It's not bad, just very different, and that's why we're here to give you the tips you need.

If you want to make sure you can win when going against the big bad enemies of the Pokémon world in this brand new region, then you will want to make sure you're fully prepared, and we've got the knowledge you need to succeed.

Read through this guide and take all of the information on board, and you are sure to be a more capable, and powerful, Pokémon trainer in no time at all. Just read ahead for everything you could wish to know about battling in Pokémon Masters.

Smart support moves

Pokémon can have up to four moves, but at the start most will have just two, and one of those is likely to be a support move of some kind.

A power or defense boost to yourself, a boost of either kind to the whole team, a status effect heal, a potion, there's a variety, and luckily they don't take up any of the energy you need to actually do attacks to the other team. Though, they are limited use in each scenario.

It's smart to boost the strength of your party, or the Pokémon you're immediately using, at the start of a fight, just as it is to heal any Pokémon that look like they might faint, but of course this can give the opponent to attack a few more times without taking damage, which can be disastrous.

It differs from battle to battle, but being smart about using these support moves really can make all of the difference.

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