Last week's GAMES OF THE WEEK was brought to you from the mighty halls of Gamescom, we had an amazing assortment of games - from fruit rolling to tomb diving. Can this week truly rival a week which contained Telling Lies, Gears of War Pop or Gris? Yes. Yes it can.

We've somehow gone from strength to strength, with a new Pokémon title, some amazing puzzlers and a much-awaited action-roguelike releasing. But we'll get to those in a moment. Let's instead spend some time talking about some of the games which didn't quite make the cut this time. Fun platform-shooter Tiny Time Travellers released, as did the long awaited Trail Boss BMX, and the wonderful word-puzzler Spell Caster.

But naturally, they can't all make the cut, we can - as it says in the name - only pick five of the releases to feature in our article, and so we've whittled the numbers down to pick a favourite five.

Remember, if you're looking to check through some of our previous selections then you can always do that at our GAMES OF THE WEEK Hub, it's a great way to find games to fill out that empty storage space on your phone. Or, if you like your news in bitesize chunks, delivered straight to your palm then maybe follow us on Twitter.

So, without further delay, click on through the big blue button below to find out what we think are the 5 best new games for mobile this week.

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