We wait too long for Supercell games, it's absolutely true. And we will wait because whenever one is released, it is a big deal. And now, finally, we have access to Rush Wars, the latest big game to hit mobile, and we are pretty big fans, quite frankly.

In Rush Wars you will take command of an army of troops, marching on enemy gold mines, all while protecting a gold mine of your own. It's a simplistic RTS where all the big decisions are made during the preparation phase. You throw down your troops, make you plans, and pray that everything works out in your favour.

Of course, the troops you take into battle make a huge difference, and that's why you want to choose your army very carefully. And as usual, that's what we're here for, and we've got a full list of every single troop, airdrop, commander and defense in the game for you to browse to help sharpen the skills of your army.

The troops you choose to use can alter the outcome of battle greatly. You will need to pay close attention to the range and damage possible by your units, in addition to their move speed and what they most often target. We've included the most important stats for you below. Just keep in mind, stats will change once you upgrade your units!

Defenses will only be used when you're protecting your own gold mine, while the other units we've listed will be relevant in all modes, and you will have to be careful with how you use them. Including the airdrops, which you can either begin the fight with, or use to damage enemies or heal yourself mid-battle.

With this guide you'll have the extra information to construct the army you need, so take a look below, and for more guides and articles on Rush Wars, check out our Ultimate Guide!

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