You love Supercell games, I know you do. From Clash of Clans to Brawl Stars, and onto the latest, you love giving them a go and jumping into then good old gameplay loop. And that's why you're going to jump into the latest, Rush Wars.

Sure sure, you will need to seek some means of locating it from another region if you're not in one of the soft launch territories, but that doesn't mean that Rush Wars isn't a game worth playing. You can also play the game on both iOS and Android, so it means no mobile gamers get left out this time!

So find a way to download the game as soon as you can, and then you can start improving your game with our guides. This one is about the chests in the game.

Chests are incredibly important and will sustain your resources so you can keep playing the game on and on, improving as you go. Fewer chests will literally mean less progress. So read through these tips to keep unlocking chests and make the most of the game.

The hunt for treasure

The reason you want the chests and the treasure inside is primarily for unit cards and gold coins, which will keep you playing.

You will need coins for both upgrading units, and for actually entering each of your battles, making them, well, entirely essential to playing the game at all.

The unit cards are of course just necessary for upgrading units, but doing so is the very best way to level up your player level, which will give you access to even more units and progress through the game.

So yeah, chests are pretty important, and you should make sure to open as many as you can, as frequently as you can, especially in these early sections of the game.

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