Supercell's new game Rush Wars has now officially been unveiled, following a few teases and leaked images over the last few days. It's currently available in beta on iOS and Android in Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Supercell is known for making several huge mobile games such as Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, so anytime they make a new game it's a pretty big deal. Rush Wars is their latest endeavour which will see players creating an attack squad to raid enemy bases to earn gold.

We got our first glimpse of gameplay today in a short video that lays out the basics of the game. Build a squad, defeat enemies, take down enemy goldmines to earn cash. You'll also have to defend your own by building various defences to stop enemy forces from destroying your goldmine and stealing your money.

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It will also include special troops called commanders who will lead your team into battle. A few of these were revealed in a separate teaser video, centred on introducing them. There's a nice variety amongst them with B.I.G a giant robotic dinosaur and Bearman, a bear-human hybrid being my stand out two.

These commanders will have special abilities to make use out of and take a prominent role within the UI of the game too. If you look at the bottom left of the screen in the gameplay trailer you'll see the avatar of the current commander that's on the field. Their expressions appear to change depending on what's happening with B.I.G proudly pointing his finger to the sky when a goldmine has been destroyed or looking sad when he is, it's a cute idea.

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Alongside attacking enemy bases solo, you will also be able to join teams and then take on other teams from around the world. This will be in a game mode called Domination, based on the teaser trailer. 

Rush Wars is currently available in beta in Canada, New Zealand and Australia on the App Store and Google Play, so if you're in one of those counties you can hop in now. If not, then wait on our guide to changing your region so you can join in too. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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