Dead Zed is an upcoming zombie shooter based on the web game series of the same name, which – according to the publisher – has totalled over 50 million plays. This mobile version is said to boast all-new content, with 40 fresh zombie-infested areas to work your way through, and it’s now shambling toward its iOS and Android release. 

This is an interesting one for a few reasons. First off, when I first saw screenshots in my inbox, I assumed it was some sort of AR game. The weapons and hands holding them looked just that real in the moment – it was weird. I then went to view the game’s trailer and was frankly impressed to find that it had amassed over 200,000 views since being uploaded earlier today.

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That being said, this was odd considering that it was sitting at only around 50 likes. Something felt off. A colleague then pointed out that a gameplay trailer for Earn to Die 2 – featured on the same channel and hailing from the same publisher – had a staggering 32 million views with only 5.3K likes.

Anyway… Dead Zed seems like a fairly content-packed wave-based shooter where you’ll have to fight back against an ever-expanding zombie horde. As you can see from the screenshots and trailer, it all plays out like a static FPS. At launch, there are 14 distinct weapons to collect and upgrade, including a shotgun, revolver, assault rifle, submachine gun, etc. And you’ll only be able to take two guns into a level – so plan accordingly.

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We've reviewed some of publisher Not Doppler's games before, including Crash of Cars and Earn to Die 2. Dead Zed is now open for pre-registration over on Google Play, though iOS players can also get involved when it launches globally. It’s going to be free to play, so you can likely expect some IAPs.

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