Nintendo's inaugural Indie World Direct took place today and a whole bunch of stuff got announced. So if you missed any, or all, of the conference, we've rounded it up for you here in one handy package. It was only 20 minutes but they packed a tonne of games in. I've included trailers where possible so you can see these games in action. 

Risk of Rain 2

First up was Risk of Rain 2, a roguelike that can be played co-op with up to four friends. You play as a little astronaut person who looks like a relative of Mysterio and must battle hordes of enemies to escape the planet you're stranded on. It's currently available on Steam's Early Access program. It will be released on Switch Summer 2019, which considering it's August must be pretty soon.

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Next up we had Eastward, the latest game from indie publishers Chucklefish who you may know from Starbound and Wargroove. In Eastward, you play as a miner who discovers a little girl named Sam deep in an underground facility. You'll both travel through the game's post-apocalyptic world, smacking enemies in the face with a frying pan as you go while trying to uncover the mystery of Sam's origin.

Eastward will be available sometime in 2020.

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Freedom Finger

Freedom Finger is a side-scrolling shooter where you control a spaceship that's shaped like a hand. Alongside shooting from the tips of the ships fingers you can also punch enemies in the face or grab them, use them as a weapon or just toss them at their former comrades. It looks set to be a quirky little adventure and boasts an all-star voice cast including Nolan North and Robert DiMaggio.

Freedom finger is expected to release in Fall of this year.

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From the oddball to the serene, next, we saw Roki. It's a gorgeous looking game that sees you play as a young girl who can make friends with wild creatures. Apparently based in Scandinavian mythology, we can expect a darker tale than you might initially think. Well, until you've watched the trailer the whole way through.

Roki is set to be released this winter.

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Torchlight II

For those of you that aren't familiar with Torchlight II, it's an action RPG in a similar style to that of Diablo. So you can expect a lot of looting and dungeon crawling. It originally came out in 2012 where it was received very well for the most part.

Torchlight II is coming to the Switch on September 3rd.

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Skater XL

If you often find yourself pining for a new Skate game or a Tony Hawk game that wasn't Pro Skater 5 then you might be in luck. Skater XL is a skateboarding game that promises to give you unparalleled board control. This means that even a standard trick such as an ollie should look different every time.

Skater XL will grind onto Switch in 2020.

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Back on the more bizarre side of the announcements, we had Youropa, a game in which you play as a big-headed chap who comes equipped with suction cup feet. The aim of the game is the plod about a fragmented city and solve various puzzles to put it back together again. It came out on Steam last year to a very positive reception, so it's certainly one to look forward to.

You can climb, inverted, with your suction cup feet when Youropa releases in Winter this year.

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After that, we had Superhot, which you've probably already heard about since it was one of the bigger announcements. If you missed our story on that, Superhot is effectively a first-person shooter but with a twist, time only moves when you do. It's an excellent game and it's available now for £17.99.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

You may remember Dungeon Defenders as one of the free Games with Gold titles back in 2014. Or perhaps you played its sequel. If not, it's pretty much a tower defence game where you and up to 3 pals can set up traps, turrets and other defences to fight against waves of enemies. The original was good fun, so I expect this to be similar.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is set to release in 2020.

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The Touryst

The Touryst is a puzzle game that comes from the creators of Run RMX but is a completely different entity. The Touryst is set on an idyllic looking island retreat where you presumably play as the titular tourist. It has a sort of blocky art style that's kind of like Minecraft if it were a little bit squashed. It looks like it'll predominately be a puzzle game with bosses that are defeated through solving little puzzles rather than fighting them directly.

The Touryst is set to release in November this year.

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We then saw a little more of Skellboy, a game that has been coming to the Switch for quite some time now. You play as a little skeleton chap who can swap out his body parts to augment his abilities. It has a cute art style that has 2D art but 3D gameplay. The graphics remind me a bit of those pop-up cardboard adventure books you used to be able to buy.

Skellboy is set to release on December 3rd.

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EarthNight is a platformer that's very reminiscent of Sonic with a lot of forward momentum and loop-the-loops. Set after a dragon apocalypse, EarthNight sees a young girl, Sydney and an older gentleman, Stanley, fight these dragons in a bid to reclaim the Earth from the claws.

No specific release date was given for EarthNight but it is set to release sometime before the end of this year. Check out some gameplay below from its E3 announcement from 2015, it's a been around a while this one. 

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Hotline Miami: Collection

Next, we had another excuse to play the excellent Hotline Miami again. The original synthwave driven, top-down shooter and its sequel are available now on the Nintendo Switch for £22.49.

Ori and The Blind Forest

The final big announcement was that Ori and The Blind Forest would be coming to Switch on September 27th. It's another big indie game to come from Microsoft to Nintendo after Super Lucky's Tale and Cuphead. If you've never played Ori before then now is a great time to jump in if, especially you like Metroidvania-esque games.

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