If you've jumped in Gigantic X, the latest alien infested shooter to land on mobile, then you've probably also noticed that there are loads of missions for you to jump in to, by yourself or with friends.

Well it's true, if you want to play a game which has mission after mission of alien slaying and a bunch of enemies to kill, weapons to craft, and much more, this is definitely a good place to start. But the question is, what are the minor differences between missions?

And it's a darn good question, as that isn't immediately obvious. But in this quick guide, we're going to run through and break down the different kinds of missions that you will find in Gigantic X, which are the easiest to undertake, and which will have you excelling and leveling up most quickly.

So just read on below for our full breakdown of the different Megacorp missions in Gigantic X - Frontline missions will have to wait for another day…

Missions and Urgent Missions

You'll find all of your available missions in the Megacorp section of the battle menu, where you'll have a variety of missions to undertake spread across four planets. Each of these missions can give you lovely rewards, and level you up as you go, and we'll go into more detail with that in just a moment.

But there is an outlier, and those are Urgent Missions. Urgent Missions will appear in red, and these are limited time missions which disappear if you fail. No retries here, you need to get it right the first time, which can be a pain.

But they're certainly not impossible, especially in Rookie mode. Just pick a strong mercenary, make sure they're fully equipped, and then charge into battle in the Urgent Mission. These missions usually require fighting a boss monster, so be prepared for a big battle, and bigger rewards.

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